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Roofing Adhesive - Summer Tips

With warmer weather in summer months, it is essential that contractors know how temperature can influence the performance of roofing adhesive products. Here we give our summer tips to ensure you can continue to get the most out of your products.

03 July 2019

What is an adhesive’s shelf life?

The shelf-life of an adhesive is the length of time from the date of manufacture for which it remains fit for use and will still behave according to the technical data sheet. It is the time it can be stored without any changes to its properties.

24 August 2021

Adhesive Drying & Curing - What's the difference

‘Drying’ and ‘Curing’ are two words that we regularly see people confuse when referring to the use of roofing adhesives. From a chemistry point of view, the two have very different meanings.

08 February 2021

5 Tips for Bonding to Upstands & Detail Areas

Securing membranes to upstands and detail areas can be the most difficult and time-consuming part of a roofing membrane installation – here Darrell Tibbins, Director of Technical, offers his top-tips to get maximum benefit from your adhesives.

23 September 2022

Canister Disposal Guide

Here we explain the waste packaging rules, and how to safely depressurise and correctly dispose of your canisters after use.

02 August 2019

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