Top Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Roofing Canister Equipment

Published: 12 September 2019
Updated: 24 October 2022

The canister tooling (hoses/spray-guns/tips) is designed to be reusable, keeping equipment and product costs to a minimum. This article explains how to maintain equipment to ensure your contractors get the most out of your canister adhesives and primers.

Apollo Roofing Solutions’ canister range offers many benefits to your contractors, including speed, precision and economical coverage. The associated canister tooling (hoses, spray-guns and tips) is also designed to be reusable, which keeps equipment and product costs to a minimum. This can be achieved with a minimal amount of maintenance.

This article explains how to maintain the equipment to ensure your contractors get the most out of your canister adhesives and primers.

Please ensure the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including protective clothing, gloves and safety glasses, is always worn when dealing with canisters. The procedures should also only be conducted outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.

Maintenance of Spray-Gun and Spray-Tip

  • To prevent any blockages, simply clean the end of the spray-gun and spray-tip with Apollo Solvent 9 and a small nylon brush after each use. Ensure the aperture is clear, otherwise it may become damaged which can affect the spray when used in the future.
  • When in use, periodically use Apollo (A1326) - Solvent 9 Aerosol - to clean the spray-tip to remove any buildup of adhesive.
  • After use, place the spray-tip and locking-nut in a container with a small amount of Apollo Solvent 9 until it is needed again. Ensure the container is closed and airtight.

top tips 1

Hose Maintenance

  • When the canister is not in use, the valve on the canister should remain open until the canister is empty, with the spray-gun turned off. If the canister valve is closed, it may cause the adhesive to cure and block the hose.
  • The equipment will remain useable for a period of time after use (usually around 1 month). If you do not intend to use the system within this time, to stop the adhesive curing, the adhesive in the hose and gun should be renewed by purging approx. 250ml of adhesive through the system every few weeks.
  • If the system is not going to be used for a significant period of time, the hose and spray-gun should be thoroughly cleaned with the Apollo Canister Flushing System.

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Canister Flushing System

  • When the canister is empty, immediately transfer your hose and gun onto a new canister. If you are not using a new canister, flush the hose and gun using the flushing system and aerosol. It is best to swap it straight over to a new canister, rather than flushing the system.
  • You should flush the system if you have two different canister products and only one spray-gun and hose to ensure the system is clear and to stop any mixing of product.
  • To flush your hose and spray-gun, please use the Apollo Canister Flushing System. Please contact us for more information.

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General Use

  • Always use a spanner when tightening and loosening. Do not only use your hands, as this may cause the product to leak.
  • Avoid using the hose to pull the canister along when trying to move it. This can cause serious damage to the equipment.
  • Safely store away the canister and equipment in a well-ventilated, covered area when not in use. Canisters need to be kept in a designated cage, and any flammable products will be required to be kept in a designated area away from any combustible materials.

Our infographic below summarises the key points:

Getting most out of your canister equipment - Infographic

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