RoofPrime Spray-Applied Primer

Fast-drying synthetic primer, applied via pressurised canister system

Product benefits

  • For AVCL, SA membrane & torch-on
  • Allows adherence to Safe2Torch
  • Minimises project time & cost


A synthetic rubber-based canister primer, developed specifically for the fast and professional bonding of AVCL layers, self-adhered membranes, as well as torch-on systems. Tests show it is five times faster to apply than a standard primer and dries extremely quickly, even at low temperatures (5-10 minutes @ 5°C), which helps to minimise project costs and time. Created to help contractors adhere to Safe2Torch guidelines effectively, its fast drying makes it ideal for use around flame-free and torch-sensitive areas.

Roof Spray-applied (1200w)


RoofPrime Spray Applied Primer - Application Video

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